Flying Season's Open

Actually, I started flying on Saturday. It was windy, and not as much fun as I would have liked. But that’s weather for you. The field was plenty crowded, though; 7-8 heli pilots, and only 1 helipad. It’s another reason why plankers can be mean -- shoo us off into the back where only one of us can fly at a time, meanwhile they sit and monopolize the rest of the field. Which normally isn’t too terrible; but the only ones flying were us heli pilots.

Work has been going good; I’ve been moved back onto a more gratifying project. It’ll certainly be challenging, but that’s what they pay me for. That and my ability to walk erect.

My little brother got married this month. So now it’s just myself and my older brother that are single. The younger two are married off. Feels kinda like we’re Frazier and Niles Krane.

It’s funny... I used to play video games all the time; now I rarely do. I’m getting worried I’m growing up or something. They just don’t seem to hold my interest anymore. ‘Course, it’s not like my hobby (R/C Helicopters), and my profession (supercomputers) aren’t more than enough to keep my interest elsewhere.

Now if only I could find a girl that could keep my interest...