My copy of OS X 10.5 “Leopard” came in the mail today. So far, two of my biggest issues have been resolved:

1.) Ejecting of a disk backed up using SuperDuper. This one was a royal pain, because it meant the moment I plugged in my FireWire drive, I would have to shut down my Mac in order to “cleanly” remove it.
2.) Mail.app now marks messages as read properly in my IMAP folders.

Time machine might be cool, but I’d need (yet another) firewire disk to make use of it. This isn’t much of an option for a notebook user.

The updated terminal.app is also a nice touch, though I may remain a user of iTerm.

Though I do have to laugh about self-proclaimed “Mac purists” who seem to think UI design was perfected with Mac OS 7 - and interface I honestly hated. It’s funny to see these folks complain endlessly about the Dock, which is a better interface than anything else out there, past or present.

I guess some people really do want to keep partying like it’s 1989... The rest of us, however, actually like the dock and find it useful and intuitive.