Long Time

It’s been quite a while since I last posted anything... Very long indeed.

Work has been OK; I’m giving a presentation for customers on Wednesday. The ‘dry run’ I did on Wednesday seemed to have gone well. As luck would have it, it’s on the 13th of the month, at 13:15. I’m thinking of starting two minutes early... Not that I’m nervous or anything; fortunately public speaking isn’t one of those things that rattles me.

I’ve crashed both helis; the Raptor was easy to get back together; its crash had some cool damage in which the rotor blades were spared. I did have to replace everything in the tail rotor assembly though. (It didn’t help that I couldn’t find said parts...)

My Sceadu had issues... I could never get the engine to run smoothly, so I replaced the muffler on it (from a Muscle Pipe to a Hatori). That seemed to fix that problem. However, it didn’t spare me the agony of losing the radio on it -- twice, and crash both times. The first time wasn’t too bad; the most major damage happened before impact (one of the tail boom braces broke off at the frame). At the time, I thought the brace breaking off was all that was wrong. So I had to replace the frames, tail boom, spindle, flybar and skids. Not too bad.

Then came the second crash. It was pretty obvious at that time that the problem was the radio. It just stopped responding entirely. About 10 seconds into its first flight after I had just fixed it. The repairs were the most severe I’ve ever had. I had to replace the frames, the fuel tank, flybar, spindle, tail boom, tail rotor shaft, tail rotor case, a couple of linkages to the tail rotor, other control widgets, the radio tray... the list just keeps going on. I’m sending the receiver in to see what’s wrong with it, and I’m going to be very sure that I do a good range check next time.