Jumping on the Bandwagon

After reading about it from The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and, and then looking for myself (about an hour’s worth of time, going each way), I decided I’d jump on the Bandwagon. What does that mean? Well, Bandwagon is an iTunes backup service. Considering my iTunes music/shows are arguably my most valuable thing to backup (aside from various shareware keys, which are already backed up thanks to BareBones’ .Mac syncing with Yojimbo).

To sweeten the deal, there’s a deal where you get a free one-year DreamHost Level 1 account, with 148 GB of storage.

Which sounds like a decent deal to me... and the online backup can be slow (espescially with a larger iTunes library), but it’s definitely an “offisite backup”. Plus, I can still use a local server with an FTP server running, which is pretty much a no-op for me, should I decide I don’t like the DreamHost option.

Ether way, the big thing I’m looking forward to is iTunes library synchronization. That one’s been a thorn in my side for quite a while now. Buy a song on one machine, so how do you get it to another? What about metadata like song ratings, etc? Bandwagon promises to make that headache a thing of the past, which I’m looking forward to seeing in action. Plus, it takes care of backing up some of the most valuable data I’ve got. What’s not to love?