Yup, I'm a geek

Well, I can officially call myself a geek now. As if there were any doubt.

I was browsing Apple’s list of “300 improvements” to OS X, and was most excited about seeing that the OS X terminal app will have a nice tabbed interface - similar to iTerm, actually.

It was like I was looking at myself from the outside: Time Machine... Workspaces... eh... but Terminal.app has tabs! Woo Hoo! Then I got down to the “UNIX” section: DTrace, AutoFS (it technically already had this, but it wasn’t wonderful), kerberized NFS (cool; I may actually set up kerberos sometime). The “Instruments” - so you can instrument up & analyze apps, seems like a step in the right direction as well.

ODF support in Leopard will be nice, though it would be nicer if they’d patch their iWork apps to use it.

It doesn’t mention it, but I’d hope that the “DVD Player” will be able to read & play HD DVD and Blu-ray discs. (Since they’re pretty similar from a software standpoint, this shouldn’t be hard...)

There’s also no mention of boot camp supporting 64-bit versions of windows; I certainly hope so, as I’ve got a gig of memory I can’t use for Wintendo if I’m stuck n 32-bit land.