I have a new favorite word: Thagomizer, which refers to the spiked tail of a Stegosaurus. The thing that really hit my funny bone is that it is an accepted scientific term. Which proves that scientists aren’t all bad.

A few months back (in late October), I got a 42” Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV. It’s connected to my Mac Mini, which is in turn connected to the TV via an eyetv box. Until today, I just used the plain-old 1280x1024 resolution to use the Mac with the TV. Which isn’t exactly what the display can actually manage. Today, with help from SwitchResX, I finally managed to get it working in full HD. Now I can browse the web, have a terminal session open, and watch TV — all at the same time.

It’s worth noting that I had tried DisplayConfigX before, without success. I’m sure part of the blame is user error; either way, I’m pleased that I now can use the whole screen, rather than having just 1280x1024 (one of the ‘native’ resolutions for TV out.