Sleep easy, Quigley

Not a good week. Last week we took my cat, Quigley, into the vet. He wasn’t eating and was getting more and more weak. The vet said he had an infection of some sort, and prescribed some antibiotics. We were quite hopeful that he would recover; but it wasn’t to be. On Monday (the 11th) we noticed his feces was essentially undigested. Even when we force-fed him (so he was getting at least some calories), Quigley just kept getting weaker. And the food would come out a few hours later, still undigested food.

On Tuesday, we put our little buddy to sleep. He’s been my friend for 15 years, I really miss him. I woudn’t wish having to euthanize a cherished pet on anybody, let alone have to do it myself.

The vet consulted other veterinarians across the country, including a number of specialists. There wasn’t anything we could do to help Quigley get better, so the choice was to either put him to sleep comfortably and peacefully, or let him starve to death slowly and painfully. In the end, there was no other choice.

Then I had to do my presentation for work on Wednesday. All things told, I did pretty well; fantastic for somebody who had spent the day before burying his best friend.