Snow Leopard

Well, I’ve made the big upgrade to “Snow Leopard” on my Mac. So far, the screen is different looking (No surprise - the default gamma setting is different on Snow Leopard). The extra space is most welcome, however.

I started by doing a full backup of my system using SuperDuper! (Easy enough since that happens every night). Then I formatted my MacBook’s disk - so I could make the format HFS+ Case-Sensitive, Journaled. Then I copied everything back from the backup. Next I installed Snow Leopard. That went smoothly (Though the “time remaining usually starts to count down after 15-20 min, not up).

I’m glad to see that OpenCL works on my MacBook Pro (it doesn’t work on my brother’s iMac). It’ll be interesting to see how the GPGPU thing goes - number accuracy was always the show stopper.

And since Snow Leopard drops PowerPC support, I decided to use Xslimmer to cut down the size of my apps - and the difference is substantial. I’ve saved a few GB so far from Xslimmer, which is not small thing for a 120 GB drive. I think in total, I’ve saved more than 20 GB over the course of the upgrade - not shabby at all.

I’m disappointed that ZFS is gone - it’s a good Filesystem, and I wish it was included. That being said, judging from the addition of filesystem-level compression in HFS+, that might have something to do with it (I have no idea what the state of FS-level compression is in ZFS at the moment).

My only other complaint is that I had to delete & re-install MacPorts. Apparently something in the change (whether it be Snow Leopard or my changing of the disk to case-sensitive is unclear) caused MacPorts to blow up after a fashion. So I’m re-installing that and re-building the software I use.