Social Networks

So I think I’m finally starting to understand the whole ‘social network’ thing. I think most of my initial problem is that I don’t have the world’s most active social life, and those I want to keep in touch with are few & close. Unfortunately, some of those things are changing (huh... life happens... go figure). Co-workers are moving to different companies and what they find to be more interesting projects; some are going back to school, etc.

I definitely want to keep in touch with many of them, so I’m starting to see why things like blogs are useful. Still, the whole ‘myspace’ or ‘facebook’ thing seems to be lost on me. I guess part of that is I’ve already got two service providers that serve up my web pages (both my .Mac account, and my domain at so I don’t really need yet another website to host my personal stuff. And I’m fine with paying for my own, rather than forcing advertisements on anybody who wants to see what I’m up to.

But being able to keep in contact with friends & colleagues - that’s something nice. I certainly prefer it to greeting cards during the Holidays.