Returning from a Honeymoon

Well, I married Angela on March 26th; we went on our honeymoon to Redwoods National Forest - the redwoods are really awe-inspiring. The thing that really shocked me is how utterly different the habitat is there - entirely different plants compared with the regular pine forests around it. Everything from the ground cover to the (giant) redwoods.

We also visited a number of beaches there, though swimming was not part of the itinerary - first, the water was cold. I’d probably be cold in my full body wetsuit in that water. Second, every beach had warnings not to swim, wade, get close to or do anything other than look at the ocean - listing about everything I could imagine that could possibly be a hazard.

Then when we returned home, I found my employer slated to be purchased - leaving my future employment in doubt for the moment. What a great way to end my honeymoon... “Honey, I’ve got some... uh... news... I may be losing my job in a couple of weeks; but I might be keeping it.” Not exactly what a bride wants to hear from her new husband, especially after spending a fair chunk of change on a vacation together...

But as a friend pointed out, at least we have each other.