Another day, another...

I wish I was able to fly my helicopter... ‘course, it’s still winter, and the last time the weather was good enough to fly, I had a splitting migraine. Stupid head.

Actually, it wouldn’t have mattered, as I have to do some service on both of ‘em. The Raptor (above) needs a new set of gears for the collective pitch servo. Probably a 20 minute fix, tops. My Sceadu is pretty much flight-worthy, but I’ve got a couple of new parts I’d like to install. (A new cooling fan, and the CSM RevLock governor I bought in July) Total work: Several hours. Immediate Payoff: None. I’d rather do the work within a week or two of flying it, so I won’t forget any minutiae I uncover while doing the maintenance. It’s all fun until you catch a rotor blade in the face.

Yesterday I was helping a friend fix his new iBook. Never having had a notebook, I was surprised at how novel it felt to watch TV while working on a notebook computer. It’s like computing without compromise... A new notebook is definitely something that I’ll be considering purchasing in the near future. But I think I’ll hold out for a 17” MacBook Pro.

I’ve had a Mac for about five months now, and it’s still growing on me. They are really just great computers. Not the Wintendo some people want, but I find myself gaming less and less, so it’s not an issue to me.

Some people talk about Apple using the iPod effect to get more consumers to purchase Macs. Don’t get me wrong -- I love my two iPods, but the thing that got me interested in Apple again is OS X: The evolution of NeXT. (And one really nice OS).

I still wonder why some old Mac users are always whining about the problems with OS X; I see it as two things:
1.) They don’t want to learn something new.
2.) It’s not identical to what they are used to (i.e. classic Macintosh).
In other words: Old Dog, New Tricks. I’ve used ‘classic’ Macs extensively; I learned to program on them. In fact, the ‘classic’ OS is one of the primary reasons I hated Macs back in the day. The interface was considerably less elegant (and consistent) than what I see in OS X.

The world changes. You can’t bring back the “good ‘ol days,” because they only really existed in your mind to begin with.