What a Summer

It’s been quite a summer. I haven’t been able to blog anything because my wife broke her foot walking down the stairs. After that, she was supposed to stay off her feet (obviously). This meant that I had to handle all the housework. I also had to do the yardwork. It was me against YardZilla, and in all honesty, YardZilla won. We had weeds seven feet tall.

Devil’s deals were made, RoundUp was deployed, many weeds died. Many more were pulled out by their roots. Unfortunately, weeds propagate faster than I was able to kill them.

Angie’s foot has been healing, and she’s able to walk just fine now - and we’re hopeful that she’ll have better mobility now than before she broke her foot. So far, that’s looking to be the case. With her help, we’ve been able to strike back at YardZilla, and we’re driving it back.

Just in time for the fall, and the time for us to raze the garden & till everything under... Still, it’s promising; the end is getting closer; at least for the fall.

The UHA opened their new field, and I was there. My Synergy N9 is still flying great. The new Hirobo SDX is a fabulous flyer, which is hard given how good the previous Sceadu was. Still, good flights all around. I’ve been working on my airbrushing and painting skills - I can report that I’m getting a lot better at it, and things that were pretty hard earlier are now getting to be fairly easy to do.

The UHA Fun Fly was at the beginning of August this year. I only flew once. I was as sick as a dog. I stayed at the Fun Fly, figuring that I’d feel miserable regardless; but at least this way I could have some fun. They had a guy from a custom painting shop come; he had a booth, and he painted a leather duster using Createx’s Wicked Colors. I like Createx paints, so it was great to be able to see a pro using paints that are pretty similar to the paints I use (with Wicked Colors being the newer ‘upgrade’ version).

I use Createx’s Auto Air Colors line, which is from the same manufacturer. Createx specializes in high end water-based paint; the Auto Air line was developed for automotive use. Createx also makes the Createx Colors line, but the stuff doesn’t work well for Automotive (or Heli Canopy) usage - I imagine it works great for the porous things it was designed for, but for Heli Canopies, it’s Auto Air all the way.

From what I’ve read, the Wicked Colors are identical to the “Auto Air Autoborne” colors - the word comes from Createx themselves, so I guess it has to be reliable. The reason for the two lines is because many (me included) would have an association in their heads: Auto Air - good line, Createx - bad. (Because the difference between Auto Air and Createx Colors really is that big) Apparently, Wicked/Autoborne is even better than Auto-Air. Sweet.

The neat thing about the Wicked Colors line is it can be reduced at any amount - rather than ‘up to 30%’ like the Auto Air line.

I guess I’ll have to give Wicked Colors a try...