Things that must change

OK, I’ve found a sore point. It’s not specific to leopard, but it’s partially there.

RSS feeds.

RSS & Atom are great; it’s a convenient and fast/low-bandwidth way to get news and information. The problem comes when you try to use multiple RSS readers in OS X.

For instance, I can’t sync my RSS feeds from my RSS reader (NewsFire) to my iPod Touch. I can only sync from Safari to the Touch. But I can’t import my newsfeeds from NewsFire to Safari either. Safari can’t read OPML, which is used as the exchange format in most stand-alone RSS news readers (Mac or otherwise). Apple Mail can’t read OPML. Firefox can’t read OPML without a plugin. Omniweb can’t read OPML for newsfeeds either. And you can’t import from OPML to

Still to check is whether things like SpamSieve is working with the new Mail program; this’ll be a problem in and of itself, as server-side spam filtering is mandatory for a number of my servers, and is fairly effective spam filtering to boot.