So... hot...

Even with air conditioning it’s uncomfortably hot. The one bright side is that it’s not humid. About the only thing I did the entire weekend is hide out in the basement with the air conditioning cranked. About the only thing I did this weekend was go to a marine sports store and bought a new water ski. Didn’t try it out, though; the cool water would have felt good, though.

The new MacBook is living up to its reputation for being warm on the lap. It’ll sure be nice in the winter, though. Unfortunately, that’s a bit long to wait. I haven’t measured the hottest temperature I’ve found on it, but when playing a 3D game, it can become almost too hot to touch just above the ‘F’ keys on the keyboard.

In other news, there’s a huge fire raging in the middle of the state - never a good thing, as they’ve had to close & evacuate at least one power plant. I’m hoping that more won’t be shut down, because I’d really rather not lose power, and the air conditioning it provides.

In other news, I’ve tried games like UT2004, the Quake 4 demo -- all with fluid framerates at 1920x1200. Darwinia is, of course, a game I quite like, and I’ve decided I like Introversion’s DEFCON as well.

Still not much luck with games running under VMware Fusion and Windows XP. At least, not 3D games. Hopefully the support will improve, but it isn’t there yet. And since I don’t have a XP SP2 install CD, I can’t install Windows XP with Boot Camp. And I don’t feel very inclined to get Vista at all.