More VPN

I haven’t made any progress with an IPsec L2TP VPN - mainly because I’ve discovered that my ‘secondary’ internet connection (ie. the office) blocks IPsec. This makes it hard to test and verify anything. I’ll give it a go Tomorrow when I go and see my brother.

Meanwhile, I’ve also configured OpenVPN. OpenVPN doesn’t use IPsec - it simply tunnels everything through a single UDP (or TCP) port. As a result, OpenVPN is much harder to firewall against, and get through NAT more easily. After learning how to do the IPsec VPN, it took only a short while to get OpenVPN going. (Though much of what I learned with the IPsec VPN helped make OpenVPN much, much easier to figure out.

Still, I want to get an IPsec VPN up - if only because I’m stubborn... and I want to finish what I’ve started with IPsec. Theoretically, IPsec should have higher performance. Either way, it’s good to have multiple options for connecting to my home network.

In other news, I’ve gotten the decals for my helicopter canopy - I have one of the decals in place now, so I can mask off and start painting the logo in place. Then the decals will come off, and I’ll be able to do some detailing - shading and such. The canopy is turning out pretty nicely. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get good enough that that particular aspect of the hobby will become self-funding (ie. people will pay me to paint canopies for them).