Christmas Shopping

Every single year I can remember, I read lamentations about how the amount of shopping at Christmas is below expectations. Every single year, I can’t help but wonder just what retailers are expecting - for customers to go to their stores and start shoveling their life’s savings at them? When that’s done, they’re supposed to continue spending until all of their lines of credit are exhausted?

I don’t know - but for some reason, I find it sad that retailers have such unrealistic expectations that ‘holiday sales’ are always well below expectations. For some reason, I’d think that after the first couple of years, they’d figure that out, but it’s a trend I’ve seen for decades now.

I’d certainly don’t consider myself un-American for not dong my patriotic duty and spend until I’m broke during the holidays. It never ceases to amaze me how out of touch sales & marketing executives tend to get. It’s almost as if they believe the world is exactly like it is in commercials.

If it were, I’d have hordes of gorgeous women fighting for a chance to mate with me, simply because I wore Axe deodorant this morning.

A man can dream, though... A man can dream...