Holy crap, Google!

I’ve been having issues with my MacBook Pro; namely when I reboot, the sound settings are changed (to devices other than the speakers and/or internal mic). This is annoying, and I’d like to get it fixed... (I’m seriously thinking of calling AppleCare - I may as well use it while I have it...).

Anyway, I post my question to Apple’s discussion forums.

Then, I answer a few easy questions a couple of other people asked.

Next, I used Google to look up if anybody else is having problems with their sound settings being randomly reset. On the first page of results, I found my very post. 8 minutes had elapsed, and Google had already crawled and indexed it.

I’m seriously not sure what to think; it’s an impressive technical feat to say the least, though... 8 minutes from the first time something has been put up on the internet to the first page of a Google search. Wow.