Infinity Blade

Yesterday, Infinity Blade was released for supported iOS devices. Having been a gamer most of my life, I have to marvel at the technical achievement(s) involved.

First, it’s running on the iPhone 4, with its retina display. The graphics are simply astonishing - I’ve come to expect graphics like that on the XBox 360 or a full-fledged PC. Seeing graphics of such quality and performance on a phone? I’m seriously impressed. It’s a fun game, too — if you don’t mind the fact that there’s pretty much zero plot, it’s a great slash game.

In other news, RealMac released a major upgrade for RapidWeaver, which is my current web content creation package of choice. I also have Espresso, Coda, and now Flux… I’ve not gotten into raw HTML editing (yet), so Espresso & Coda aren’t apps I’ve used much, if at all. I haven’t really even tried Flux yet, but hope to kick the tires fairly soon

Still, the update to RapidWeaver is welcome. I still wish there was a way I could use TypeKit or Goole’s Web Fonts in a easy/useful way in RapidWeaver, but I imagine it’s just a matter of time. In the meantime, RapidWeaver makes web pages that look good, and perform well. I wish they’d get around to fixing the bulleted/numbered lists. They just don’t appear properly when there’s more than one level to the list.

iWeb is a really nice tool for a beginner: it has some neat integration with Apple’s ecosystem, and generates beautiful web pages. On the other hand, the pages don’t load as quickly on a browser, and iWeb is the most restrictive of the web design tools I’ve used.